Whaling, Fun? (02-05-10)

Since last week, or so, in my English class we started reading Moby Dick. Just by seeing the size of the book seemed intimidating. I started to procrastinate in reading, even though I knew I had to because we’ll be having quizzes on it. I set up excuses to myself and started doing other kinds of work, and left the reading to last. But once reading it, and actually do engaged reading, the story seemed interesting. It got my attention, and now reading it doesn’t seem like a burden.

By overcoming and changing my attitude towards the reading, it reminded me of Steiner’s analyzes “On Difficulty.” Back in November, our English teacher discussed briefly the reasons Steiner found out on why people have difficulty in problem solving, and one of them is modal difficulty. Modal difficulty comes from a reader’s lack of familiarity or comfort with the mode or form of literary expression thus creating the student put down the book, drop the class, procrastinate, or argue about the content simply because of the form the assignment is on. It’s very difficult to overcome it, but its possible…simply by changing their attitude and behavior towards it.

When I realized what I had accomplished, it showed how strong the mind is and how anything is possible. It may be a simple accomplishment, acknowledging is just a book, but being able to finish a book of that size and knowing I don’t enjoy reading, makes me feel I can do other things and nothing but myself can stop me from accomplishing.

3 thoughts on “Whaling, Fun? (02-05-10)

    • In my opinion, engaged reading is very effective. Since the environment is quiet and there’s no distractions; such as texting, watching TV, listening to music; I’m able to pay more attention to the text and able to remember what I read. And with the requirement of writing notes while reading and summary after each chapter, it makes me more engaged and think more critically. Which is good, for a book like Moby Dick.

  1. Indubitably, engaged reading is the most effective way to grasp every bit of information in Moby Dick. At first, I didn’t want to read it at all, and as I slowly started picking up on it, I became more interested. My interest in the novel is the monomanical Ahab because he’s charging after his ambitions and he won’t let ANYTHING distract him. Kudos to Captain Ahab :]

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