Time is a man-made invention,” my English teacher said. Sometimes I forget the obvious truth, and assume what happens around me is similar everywhere else, including out of this world. But that’s not the case, not even in the same region of the world.

Thinking of eternity gives me fear. Apeirophobia.

How is it possible that someone invented time? Why did they even invent time? Who came up with it? Is it actually need it? Would we ever know the answers?

Looking at the greater picture, time is used to “keep track of stuff” but why? If it doesn’t exist, why are we so depended on it? It makes me feel silly for us to depend on something that technically doesn’t exist. Come to think about it, it’s weird. Come to think about it, no one can ridicule any other person for idolizing something for we all do it, towards time.

When we think “Oh, time passed by fast.” is actually an illusion, for there’s a simple explanation for that…and for when time passes by slow.

When we are entertained we are interested in something, not having a moment to check time and keep track of it…and next time we do see it, time passed by so fast. Unlike on the other hand, when we’re bored we are doing nothing therefore we have more of a chance to be checking the time constantly, realizing how long a minute actually.

Time is so simple…yet it can be complex. And I guess Chuck Norris made time so he could tell if it was time to kick ass. ;]

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